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    Radius Travel


    Radius Travel is a global travel management company that designs and delivers programs unique to each multinational company through a worldwide network of best-in-market agencies.



    Usit Plus - part of Radius global network

    In August, 2013 Usit Plus joined RADIUS global network, specialised in operation and management of corporate travel services. Radius network consists of more than 100 independent companies that are leading in this field - in more than 90 countries worldwide with over 3,400 locations across all continents. Radius network brings together the best travel companies and specialises in servicing of business trips of clients, of any scale, by meeting their needs in this field.


    Inovative business model 

    What distinguishes RADIUS global network is the successful and innovative business model. RADIUS is the first company to evaluate and make full use of mixing the best agencies, suppliers, and technologies with a view to provide incomparable level of service, information, and guaranteed fund savings. RADIUS is one of the leading travel management companies with annual sales totaling more than 23 billion dollars.


    The main benefits of working with the Radius network are:

    • Local representations servicing local offices and travelers on the spot by a global network of the best agencies on the market;
    • Global servicing and integrated analysis, and information for travelers, and adequate servicing at local level;
    • Recommendation for the best combination of solutions that satisfy all the needs of the client;
    • Global agreements and programs that guarantee savings for both travelers and the company.


    Unique services programs 

    The services provided by Radius are designed specifically for each client and they service the needs, both at local and global level. The customer needs are not adjusted according to an existing model of work; instead of this, a new unique program is being created for each of them from the mere beginning.


    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov