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    Incentive trips


    Incentie trips are a strong marketing and motivational tool.




    Promotions and awards for partners, clients and employees

    Trips as rewards are becoming more and more widely used method for arranging advertising promotions and games targeted to customers; for motivation and gratitude to employees; recognition of a long-term and beneficial partnership between two companies. Vacations or trips as a gift are virtually unlimited.


    In organising of this kind of travels, Usit Plus assists in:

    • Planning of the advertising campaign, the PR event or game together with the client, from the very beginning. Thus we choose the most appropriate travel service that is in line with the campaign, corresponds to the period of performing, and is consistent with the overall budget;
    • Organising the documentation relating the reward trip in the hospitality section in accordance with all legal requirements under the Tourism Act, as well as the Law on Protection of Competition;
    • Organising logistics on travel, accommodation, and other necessary services entirely. In providing reward trips, the satisfaction of travelers with the prize won is of crucial importance. Therefore, we focus our efforts entirely in this direction. Depending on the size of the group of travelers, we provide a guide from our company or representatives on the spot, who take care of all needs and expectations of the travelers;


    The possibilities for organising prize (incentive) trips include:

    • Provision of vouchers for travel and accommodation in Bulgaria and / or abroad, cruises and more;
    • Organising of a group travel to a particular destination or event (sport, conference, concert, etc.);
    • Organising and coordinating of an advertising campaign with prizes in the form of tourist services.





    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov