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    We are working with specialised hotel systems, with access to locations and prices for more than 150 000 hotels




    Access to over 150 000 hotels allover the world

    We are working with specialised hotel systems, where we have a real-time access to locations and prices of more than 150 000 hotels. For customers of Usit Plus, we have selected approximately 300 hotels, located in major business destinations, in Europe and worldwide, and which have received repeatedly a positive assessment as suitable for business trips. In many of the large cities - business centers, we offer hotels, selected by us with which we have established long-term contractual relations that guarantee us constant availability of rooms and special price terms.


    Meet all company and travel policies

    Many of our clients have adopted their own policies on travel and accommodation. After we receive and analyse them, we choose places for accommodation that fully meet all the above requirements and financial parameters. Also, we offer and organise subscriptions in various corporate programmes of major hotel chains, with a view to gain bonus points that can be used for free nights in business trips or personal travels, or be transferred as extra points to the loyalty programmes of certain airlines and used for free plane tickets, and other preferences.


    Attending international events

    The majority of business trips are associated with attending of events, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. In such cases, we offer hotels that are as close as possible to the place of the event, or have convenient transport connections to it, or arranged free transfers, or other special offers for the participants. We make all necessary reservations relating participation fees of the visitors.


    Negotiate long-term prices

    Where a high frequency of travel to a particular destination, we negotiate long-term and constant prices for our customers by guaranteeing them availability of opportunities for accommodation, as in early planning of the trip so in requests at the last possible moment. We work with all major European and global chains, as well as with local hoteliers with a view to meet all the requirements that a client may have.





    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov