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    Managers’ meetings


    Meetings of management teams are a key element of the success of a company. 




    Effective meetings for small teams

    Meetings of company governing officials are an important aspect of successful management. These small events are effectively used for many different purposes, including for activities relating strategic planning, decision of important cases, generating of creative ideas for development, teambuilding or just an opportunity for relaxing after busy periods.


    Proposals in accordance with the expectations and requests of the clients

    We, at Usit Plus, know well the expectations and requirements of business customers for this type of events. Therefore, we select destinations and accommodations that offer:

    • The highest quality of services;
    • Creative and welcoming environment;
    • Different types of accommodation - luxury, boutique or challenging base. All according to the theme and purpose of the meeting;
    • Suitable destination and premises for working in small teams and groups;
    • Accommodation away from the everyday urban environment





    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov