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    Opportunities for checkin for your flight




    Online checkin provides significant convenience and saves waiting at the counters of airlines, earlier arrival at the airport and give a choice of comfortable seats on the plane.

    Check-in can be done from any device with Internet access, 24 hours prior to the flight (for some airlines to 36 hours before the flight) and no later than 60 minutes before departure.

    It is necessary then to print your boarding pass afterwords.

    This service is also executed by your Usit Plus consultant.


    Links to Online check-in sites of the main airlines:




    Austrian airlines

    British Airways







    Turkish airlines




    Online check-in 4 steps:


    Step 1 Identification

    To find your reservation and send information about it you need to provide a reservation number and ticket number


    Step 2 On-line registration

    See all your flight details: date, time of departure, flight number, airport from of departure and airport for landing, reservation class, airline.

    If your trip is with a transfer the information about the second flight will be displayed and you can check in for both flights at the same time. You will be issued a boarding pass to your final destination.

    Likewise, if your return flight is scheduled within 24 hours after your departure, then the information on your flight will be displayed and you will be able to checkin for it.

    Select traveler(s) you want to check in

    Listed are all passengers in one reservation and if you want you can check in all of them at the same time.


    Step 3 Confirmation and seat selection

    Depending on the airline you see diagram of vacant seats or the system automatically determines your place, but you can change it if it does not match your preferences.


    Step 4 Print the boarding pass

    Printed boarding pass must brought with you to the airport.

    If you do not have a printer or encounter a problem while printing the document, your checkin will remain valid. However, you should take your boarding pass at the airport to the checkin counters for your flight prior to your departure.


    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov