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    Benefits for airplane tickets

    We always strive to offer the most advantageous solutions for flights that comply fully with the personal preferences and travel policy of our customers. For some clients the budgetary framework is the most important or the use of certain airlines, for others - the quickest and the most convenient transportation to the final destination, for the third - the travelling comfort, etc. We work with all airlines on the Bulgarian market (both traditional and low-cost), as for the majority of them we are the preferred partner and holder of multiple awards for professional work and achievement of excellent results. On the basis of our experience and knowledge, we strive to be creative in combining of routes, airlines and types of tariffs, in order to offer more options to our customers.


    Strict accountability of all airline tickets

    We observe a strict accountability of the airline travels. This allows preparation of detailed analysis of consumption, destinations and habits of travellers, and constantly to look for opportunities optimising the flights by negotiations with the airlines, inclusion in various loyalty programmes, transfer of traffic from one airline to another, etc.


    Among the advantages of working with Usit Plus for buying airplane tickets are:

    • Organisation of airline tickets for domestic and international routes;
    • Options for taking off from Sofia, Varna and other airports close to Bulgaria as well as arranging flights from anywhere in the world to Bulgaria;
    • Special corporate rates of service charges;
    • Negotiating preferential rates for airfares in cases of regular destinations;
    • Concluding of tripartite agreements with airline companies for the provision of special conditions for our customers;
    • Inclusion of the company and the passengers in all loyalty programmes of the airlines with a view to accumulate bonus points and use of free tickets, and upgrade;
    • Organising group travels at specified rates and conditions;
    • Combination of an airfare plus a train ticket to destinations where this could lead to cost optimisation without compromising the comfort of travel;
    • Pre-booking of airfare (for airlines that allow it) and submitting of any necessary, additional information in order to provide a quick and easy check-in;
    • Servicing when needed by own office of Usit Colours Bulgaria Ltd., at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2, Departure hall;
    • Full support for all emergencies related to air travel such as flight cancellations, missed flights, need for re-routing, change of dates, and more.




    By Kiril Lazarov

By Kiril Lazarov