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    Who we are?


    Usit Plus is a specialised department of Usit Colours Bulgaria LTD, which is established with the aim to deal with business clients and satisfy their specific needs in the field of tourism and travel services.



    Usit Plus is the newest department of Usit Colours

    Usit Plus is the newest department of Usit Colours and it is a licenced tour operator and one of the leading travel agencies in Bulgaria. The emergence of Usit Plus is the result of a long and successful trend of development of Usit Colours and its work with individual clients, small and medium enterprises, large business customers, government bodies, sports federations, NGOs, and others.


    Usit Plus offers special services and benefits for the business clients

    We created Usit Plus in striving to offer more services and benefits to our business customers. Usit Plus collects the entire experience of our company gained over the years with a view to further develop our dealings with our business clients and from a single order of travel service these relations to become a long-term partnership.

    We believe strongly that in this field, we are the best performing Travel Agency in Bulgaria. Therefore,  we declare that we are able to manage effectively the cost of travel services to companies that trust us.


    We are convinced, and we can guarantee that:

    • the dealings with us shall lead to permanent reduction of your cost for travel services;
    • we provide high level and high standards of service;
    • among the thousands of options, we select those travel products and services that best meet our clients' personal requirements, and we provide the best ratio between price and quality in the respective class of service;
    • we gain time for our customers  - the most precious resource in business.



  • History of the company

    History of the company

    Usit Plus is a part of Usit Colours - the leading travel agency in Bulgaria
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  • How we work

    How we work

    Our main goal is to be a long-term partner and advisor to our clients in  management and use of tourism services.   
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By Kiril Lazarov